Past Sins are relentless

Rendale used to be a very different place thirty years ago. Now it’s a new-tech town surrounded by forest, farmland, and a few waning industries.

Sara regrets what happened back then, but she’s moved on. A woman of comfortable means and precise tastes, a successful widow, an eclectic gardener with esoteric habits, she’s aloof and acerbic.

Bob thinks he knows and understands her, but he’d be wrong.

Especially after Kirstie arrives in Rendale.

Kirstie’s a competent young DBA, but she’s recently bereaved and determined to be free of the fears paralyzing her. Why did she choose this destination? And if she’s just passing through, how deeply involved should she become with her new friends: William and his problem-prone family, and especially the woman who lives next door.

To what lengths will people go to satisfy their obsessions and assuage their guilt?

“A well-crafted, fast paced novel. Story draws you in quickly. Lots of plot twists and turns.”

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